BEST ECHO SHIFT: Echo shift works toward a safer community

The Douglasdale Police Station has set high targets for drug arrests and action group Echo shift will go to extra lengths to ensure safer communities by targeting the drug problem. Captain Jacobs said the station achieved the targets set for drug-related crimes and added that Echo shift members contributed a great deal to their success.

Jacobs mentioned that Echo shift is also involved in crime prevention and are very active on the roads.
Echo shift is an action group that functions when the station needs help in extraordinary situations. This would include situations where a sector complaint needs to be addressed and all sector vehicles are occupied.

When Echo shift members arrive at a crime scene, one of their duties is to mobilise all the relevant units, for example, the Hawks in the case of a drug bust. Echo shift also helps the station when there is a drug bust or when VIP’s, including mayoral committee members, need protection at a venue or event. “The station appreciates all that they do,” said Jacobs.

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