BEST SUPPORT: A top cop in Douglasdale

Thoko Grace Khawula has been nominated for the Top Cop Awards, a monthly initiative run by Fourways Review and Auto and General.

“I see this as a big honour to be a nominee. I want to encourage other people to take pride in their work and to wake up with passion every morning. If you don’t love your job then it’s not possible for you to succeed or to grow in it,” said Khawula.

Khawula started working at Douglasdale Police Station in November 2015.

She is in charge of all dockets and case numbers, as well as makes sure that each docket gets to the correct person.

“I like my job very much, it’s not just about earning money. I feel that I am the connection between the case and the relevant people.”

She explained that she is passionate about her work and that pushes she goes the extra mile for her fellow colleagues. “Sometimes I receive dockets from both Echo shifts and station shifts, which can pile up very quickly.”

Khawula also praised her commanders for the terrific support they offer her. She also thanked her family for all their support.


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