BEST VISPOL Internal: Mudau wants to serve the community

Constable Wilma Mudau (32) who has worked at the Douglasdale Police Station for seven years takes great pride in her work as she has had a passion for social work from a young age.

She always knew that she wanted to serve the community. “I have a love for social work because I grew up in rural areas and I like working with people who need help. I believe I can help them,” said Mudau.

Mudau explained that her work at Douglasdale Police Station also gives her the opportunity to tend to grievances. “I meet new people with new problems every single day and I get to help them. My job is not just a paycheck at the end of the month,” explained Mudau.

She told Fourways Review that even when she is off duty, her work allows her to help others. Her job has taught her to be a fast problem solver and she believes when she gives advice to people with grievances it really makes a difference in their lives.

Mudau is stationed in the operations room where they receive complaints and solve grievances that come from the community. Mudau sees herself as a senior officer in a few years time and her dream is to work towards a promotion and to further her knowledge. “I would love to learn more about work-related issues, like the law.”

Mudau invites the community to share their grievances with the Douglasdale police. Crimes cannot be solved if the community does not speak up. She said that she is willing to go the extra mile for her community. “The community must not be afraid to come forward, they can even stay anonymous and they must not be afraid to report a crime,” concluded Mudau.


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